Academic Copy-Editing

Academic Copy-Editing

We offer copy-editing and proof­reading services for your academic papers at a discounted price to stu­dents of all disciplines (please refer to our price list).

Exam Papers

The grade awarded to your paper depends on both formal criteria and content. The correct use of linguistic expression, grammar and orthography are just as essential as the required form of citation and the correct formal structure. Many students ask their friends or fellow students to correct their papers. They may be capable of eliminiating some of the mistakes, but in most cases many will be overlooked. It is therefore well worth investing in a professional proofreader.


What is true for exam papers is even more evident for dissertations. A professional proofreading service is indispensable.

Content Consulting

In addition to our proofreading services, we offer content consulting and research services for all topics related to social sciences and humanities. Furthermore, we will do a debriefing on request, in which we explain the most common errors you make and help you find strategies to avoid them in the future.

Academic Copy-Editing