Scope & Definitions

All corrections in German are based on the new spelling rules and the Duden recommendations. All busi­ness correspondence is based on DIN 5008. The basis for English texts are The New Oxford Dictionary of English (British English) and Webster's New World College Dictionary (American English), respectively.

We will agree upon the scope of work with you in advance and clarify the criteria for the correction of your text. In general the following definitions will apply:

Academic Copy-Editing

We proofread / copy-edit your academic papers / exam papers / dissertations. Proofreading includes corrections for spelling, punctuation, hyphenation and syntax errors. We will also check the conformity with formal requirements, as well as linguistics, mode of expression, style and cogency. For social sciences and the humaties, content consulting and research are included in our proof­reading services on request.

Aviation Editorial Office

We proofread / copy-edit your aviation manuals, articles, contracts, marketing material, web content and business correspondence. Content consulting, including checks for conformity with regulatory requirements (EASA Basic Regulation / FARs), is offered on request.


In addition to our proofreading services, your text will be checked and corrected for content, cogency and style.

Curriculum Vitae

We write your CV or resume in a professional and informative way in either German or English.


Your text will be corrected for spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Promotional Copy-Editing

Your marketing material will be corrected for spelling and grammar.


You send us your text via e-mail, telling us which type of correction you would like and the applicable deadline. We will send you a respective quote, which you can confirm via e-mail. The corrected text will be returned to you via e-mail in two pdf-versions, one visibly containing all alterations and the other one containing the plain corrected text. In addition, the respective word-file will be sent. The invoice for our services (payable within 10 days after receipt) will also be sent via e-mail. Consulting can be conducted in our offices, via telephone, via e-mail, or at a place of your choice (additional costs as per our price list).

Standard Page

A standard page is calculated by the total number of characters including blank spaces and footnotes. A typical standard page is based on 1800 characters.


We translate all types of text into the following languages:

German – English

English – German

Danish – German

Norwegian – German

Swedish – German